Everyone's favourite God Queen
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Everything is Awful Forever


Welcome to Everything is Awful Forever: A comedy history podcast about the hilarious abominations of yesteryear, expertly navigated (with a confidence possessed only by Bedlamites and the inebriated) by your charming hosts, Jess and Philippa.

Join us on Mondays to learn about medicinal cannibalism, Typhoid Mary, witch burnings, and every other thing that demonstrates that we are a truly atrocious, kind of hilarious species.

Stop crying, and let's have a beer.
Everyone's favourite God Queen

Jessica Byrne

Jess (the one on the left) knew, when she met Philippa's eyes across a crowded room, that they were destined to be partners in pod crime. With her brains and Philippa's...other...qualities, only greatness could result.

Jess spent her entire life finely honing her artistic skills because she knew...she knew...that one day she would need to slavishly create thousands upon thousands of promo images for this podcast. Also she has a Masters degree in English Literature and so the logical conclusion of studying literature and doing art is: history podcast.

Peruse Jess's non-Awful-Forever art at your leisure here
Probable hag

Philippa Evans

Philippa Evans was born in South Africa and spent eight years studying literature, classical history, and ancient languages. For three years, the Powers That Be made the short-sighted mistake of letting her teach these subjects as well. Philippa subsequently fled to Scotland with her malevolent familiar, Bunbun, met Jess, was press-ganged into a podcast and the rest, as they say, is history.

When she's not researching for the podcast or writing slash fiction about Hannibal Lecter, Philippa enjoys contemplating the abyss and the inevitable end that awaits us all.

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